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If you’re looking to purchase a classic vintage tractor, we have a range of restored machines available to buy from our workshop.

We source all our vintage tractors from farms that have been unable to give machines the attention that they deserve. Once in our safe hands, we give them The Vintage Garden Tractor Company treatment to create a vehicle that is both beautiful and practical.

We have an impressive selection of beautifully restored classic tractors for sale. We are also able to add the finishing touch to any vintage tractor, offering a personalisation service based on your exact requirements.

Please get in touch for our current list or to find out how we can make your vintage tractor bespoke to you.

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    Sourcing Specific Models

    If you’re after a certain vintage tractor model, then we can help.

    Our expertise and connections across the UK and overseas mean that we can source specific models and find the right classic tractor for you. Once the machine arrives, we then lovingly restore it to your exact requirements.

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    Customer service is at the heart of The Vintage Garden Tractor Company and every tractor project is tailored to individual requirements. We work hard to deliver exactly what you want with practicality and reliability at the heart of all the work we carry out.

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