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If you are lucky enough to already own a vintage tractor and would like it restored, then we are able to take you through the entire process.

It is important to us that we create a beautiful classic tractor which reflects our clients’ exact needs, desires and dreams – therefore we work closely with you to ensure that we achieve this. Whether you are looking to restore a vintage tractor for leisure, for use in the garden or to enjoy on tractor rallies, you can be sure that The Vintage Garden Tractor experience will result in a stunning machine for work or play.

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    The devil is in the detail

    We can provide mechanical and aesthetic solutions, whilst offering support, advice or services at any stage of a restoration project. Our experienced fitters, shot blasters and sprayers are always on hand to help make the restoration of your vintage tractor a success.

    We strive to keep your vintage tractor as original as possible and will save and rework parts wherever we can. If a part is unable to be restored, we can source replacement parts in order to retain the original charm.

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